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Christian Critics: Hillary Ad Basically a Queer as Folk Episode

Christian Critics: Hillary Ad Basically a Queer as Folk Episode


A gay man narrated the ad and lesbians "caressed" each other during it, according to conservatives.

A self-described Christian news service has taken great pains to analyze Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign launch commercial and determined its focus is to push "the homosexual agenda."

OneNewsNow, a website of the American Family News Network, claims Clinton's first campaign ad makes her "promotion of the H-agenda very clear for all Americans" by featuring "two homosexual men walking down the street holding hands, with a homosexaul [sic] man's voice narrating the segment."

The typo-heavy article by reporter Michael F. Haverluck goes on to describe another segment of the video, which "highlights a lesbian couple kissing on a couch while caressing each other."

These kinds of scenes -- depicting what he called "lopsided and Left-leaning treatment of the LGBT community over the traditional family" -- reportedly evoked outrage from the "leaders of pro-family organizations," as collated by OneNewsNow.

According to American Family Association governmental affairs director Sandy Rios, the ad's omissions were worse than its inclusions. Haverluck described the spot's "seemingly intentional omission of nuclear family imagery and values," and Rios explained on American Family Radio, "the Anglo-American husband and wife with family in church ... we don't see that." Haverluck noted the video did include "several racially diverse single adults, two evidently single moms and a pregnant African-American mom with the father -- with no wedding rings visible."

Haverluck also quoted Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, who he says was angered that the ad failed to tackle "more important matters that he says a United States president should be addressing, such as the rise of Islamic terrorism globally and America's impending financial crisis."

According to Perkins, the video is "elevating the homosexual agenda above other key American priorities."

And according to conservative radio host and columnist Bryan Fischer, that platform ensures "[Clinton is] a lock for the 2.3 percent of the American people who are 'gay' or bisexual. Meanwhile ... the other 97.7 percent of the electorate isn't."

In fact, the real numbers are about twice those quoted by Fischer. The New York Times reports five percent of voters in 2012 identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual; in 2014, a CNN exit poll determined 4 percent of voters as LGB.

Fischer suggested Republicans not even attempt to compete for LGBT votes: "The point here quite simply is that GOP candidates must realize that there is no possible way for them to out-pander a hard-core liberal like Hillary on homosexuality,"

"She will be able to trump them every time," Fischer argued."So there's no point in even trying."

"So Republicans, you might as well come out of the gate advocating fearlessly for natural marriage," Fischer concluded. "You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

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