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WATCH: 'Do You Think Being Gay Is A Choice?' Scott Walker Says He Doesn't Know

WATCH: 'Do You Think Being Gay Is A Choice?' Scott Walker Says He Doesn't Know


The Wisconsin Governor's answer is that this is "not even an issue for me to be involved in."

He doesn't know.

Scott Walker, the last of the major candidates to enter the Republican race for the White House, told CNN this weekend he doesn't know the answer to the existential question every out LGBT American knows.

Perhaps it was the bumpy ride in the campaign Winnebago where the interview was recorded, maybe it's because he's been running for the GOP nomination only six days, but he clearly stumbled, apparently taken off guard, when the network's Dana Bash asked the very simple question, "Do you think being gay is a choice?"

"Oh, I mean, that's, th-, th- that's, that's not even an issue for me to be involved in. The bottom line is, I'm going to stand up and work hard for every American, without regard of who they are, no matter where they come from, no matter what their background, I'm going to fight for people, whether they vote for me or not."

Bash pressed Walker, saying that to support all Americans properly one would think a candidate would "have to understand, or at least have an opinion on who they are and where they're coming from."

"I don't have an opinion on every single issue out there. To me, that's, I don't know," Walker answered. "I don't know the answer to that question."

The Human Rights Campaign quickly issued a statement denouncing Walker for his inability to give a direct answer.

"It's appalling that a candidate for president in the year 2015 could botch such a fundamental question," said JoDee Winterhof, Senior Vice President of Policy and Political Affairs for the HRC. "Of course it isn't a choice. If it was, Scott Walker would be able to tell us when he chose to be straight."

HRC also quoted a Gallup poll from May that showed 55 percent of Americans believe sexual orientation is determined at birth.

"One thing that people find unique, I guess, whether you like it or not, is I actually answer questions," said Walker. "People ask me a question, I'll answer a question," he said, as Bash repeatedly asked him whether he supports the ban on gay Boy Scout leaders.

Smiling at the irony, she told Walker, "But you're not really answering this one."

"I thought the policy was just fine. I'm saying when I was in Scouts, it was fine. You're asking what should the policy be going forward. It should be left up to the leaders of the Scouts," said Walker, who is an Eagle Scout.

In another segment of the interview, Bash also asked Walker to clarify, again, what he meant when he said last week that the ban on gay Boy Scout leaders "protected children."

"I'm not talking about personal protection," said the Wisconsin governor. "I'm talking about, for me, the reason why I didn't have a problem with it is I just think it pulls Scouting into a whole larger political and cultural debate, as opposed to just saying Scouting is about camping and citizenship and merit badges and service awards, instead of pulling all these other issues out there. And I was just hoping that they could stay focused on that, that's all."

Walker also sought to clarify the position of his wife Tonette on marriage equality, and her apparent difference of opinion, for which he came under attack by his opponent Rick Santorum.

In an interview earlier this month with The Washington Post, Tonette Walker talked about how disappointed their two sons were that her husband called last month's Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage a "grave mistake." She told the Post she "was torn" on the issue, as a cousin is gay and recently married her partner. But what wasn't clear from the article was where she herself stood.

Walker told CNN his wife does not disagree with him on same-sex marriage, and in a story Sunday thePost reported "she stands with her husband on the issue."

Watch Scott Walker's interview with CNN.

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