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Newlyweds Give Same-Sex Couples First Dance at Wedding

Newlyweds Give Same-Sex Couples First Dance at Wedding

A pair of newlyweds in Indianapolis, Indiana, called attention to marriage inequality on the day of their own legally recognized wedding by reserving the first dance for same-sex couples, reports Truth Wins Out.

Meg Liffick and Joe Ball got married last weekend in Indianapolis, and when it came time for the couple's traditional first dance, Ball read a statement explaining that they wanted to offer the privilege of the first dance to their LGBT attendees who are still legally denied the right to marry.

Best-selling author John Green posted an image on his Tumblr, which has now garnered national attention. "This was a large and very diverse wedding in a state that doesn't even recognize same-sex civil unions, let alone marriage," wrote Green. "And yet the ovation these people received while dancing to the Beach Boys' 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' was like nothing I've ever heard at a wedding. If there were dry eyes, I didn't see any. Change is coming."

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