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WATCH: NOM's Grasping at Straws in Oregon

WATCH: NOM's Grasping at Straws in Oregon


The National Organization for Marriage has switched tactics in Oregon, accusing the attorney general of cooperating with gay and lesbian couples.

The National Organization for Marriage has suffered through a string of losses in Oregon, and now the group is lashing out at state Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, accusing her office of collaborating with the couples who sued the state for the freedom to marry.

According to NOM, Rosenblum's office should have adopted a more adversarial approach with the couples. By examining emails, NOM was able to show that the plaintiffs and state attorneys had a polite interaction and held several meetings. The organization now wants to introduce those emails into evidence in its ongoing attempts to undo marriage equality in the state.

NOM's latest attempt to intervene in the case may be its longest long-shot to date. Although it's true that the attorney general was in communication with the marriage litigants, there's nothing to prohibit the office from doing so. NOM admitted that "submission of newly-discovered evidence to the appellate court ... is permitted in rare circumstances," and it's hard to imagine that this circumstance qualifies.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to take up any of the seven pending marriage cases, none of which directly affect Oregon. And federal cases continue to move up through lower courts around the country.

Watch the weekly roundup (taped before the Supreme Court's big news this morning):

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