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Marriage Equality

How Activist Groups Are Reacting to Marriage Equality

How Activist Groups Are Reacting to Marriage Equality


With national marriage equality now a reality for LGBT people, here's how some of the nation's leading activist groups are responding.


Earlier this morning, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that same-sex couples have a constituional right to legally marry.

In what was a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment protects same-sex couples all over the country from discrimination, and that states that still do have bans must now afford legal marriage to all couples.

Here's how some of the nations leading LGBT activists and activist groups are reacting to the good news:

"Today, love prevailed and our nation became a more perfect union by affirming that all people are indeed created equal and justice belongs to everyone. With this decision, loving and committed same-sex couples can finally rest knowing their families are protected and their dignity is no longer up for public debate. But as we celebrate this watershed victory for fairness, we are reminded that marriage equality is a benchmark, not a finish line, and our work to bridge the gap to full acceptance for LGBT people continues." -- Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO, GLAAD

"Today, I think back to 2008, when I was finally able to marry the woman I have shared my life with for nearly 25 years. It was an incredibly joyous day and so important to us and our daughter. My heart is so full knowing all loving couples across our great nation will now be able to share in the freedom to marry. Our community owes much gratitude to the legal groups, plaintiffs, state-based organizations, and, especially, to all the couples and families who bravely shared their stories for the past several decades. I've never felt more energized to get the work done so that all Americans can be fully equal and protected under the law." -- Rebecca Isaacs, Executive Director, Equality Federation

"The absence of marriage equality has cast a long shadow on families and been an attack on the very foundations of our Republic. Today, the Supreme Court has reaffirmed our founders' beliefs and the promise of our Declaration and Constitution. Today we are again a city upon a hill, leading the world to a brighter future." -- Matt Thorn, Interim Executive Director, OutServeSLDN

"With the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, the justices affirmed what a super-majority of Americans had come to understand: the freedom to marry is a precious, fundamental right that belongs to all, and that same-sex couples and our families share the same dreams and needs as any others. Today's win is the culmination of a decades-long campaign that successfully made the case in the court of public opinion, enabling victories in the courts of law." -- Evan Wolfson, President, Freedom to Marry

"What a glorious day for this great country. By recognizing once and for all that the Constitution respects the dignity of all Americans, gay or straight, the Supreme Court has once again honored the core American values of equal protection and due process of law." -- Roberta Kaplan, lead counsel, Campaign for Southern Equality v. Bryant

"This is a moment never envisioned 46 years ago when a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals took a stand against police brutality and started the Stonewall riots. There are still many who did not think they would live to see this day. This ruling is the culmination of decades of work by countless activists and elected officials. Most were not fighting only for the rights of marriage, but for the right to exist. For the right to be an LGBT individual in America. Although marriage equality is a huge step forward, the struggle for LGBT civil rights will still continue. Like the other civil rights struggles before this, we will continue to work until all people are truly equal in the eyes of not only the law, but in the hearts and minds of individuals across the nation and around the world." -- Anthony Martinez, Executive Director, The Civil Rights Agenda

"For far too long committed LGBT partners and families have endured discrimination and marginalization. This has come from many places - but none more forceful than from some members within the Catholic hierarchy. This decision, however, reverberates God's love of everyone and celebrates the dignity and holiness of all loving families." -- Jim Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Call to Action

"With this Supreme Court victory, Catholics recommit themselves to working to make sure that all LGBT people are treated equally in both church and society. While we are delighted with this victory, there is still much work to be done to ensure those goals." -- Francis DeBernardo, Executive Director, New Ways Ministry

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Raffy is a Los Angeles native and magazine enthusiast who loves to write about pop culture, entertainment, fashion, and all things Rihanna.