War of Words Between Michael Musto, GOProud

War of Words Between Michael Musto, GOProud

Village Voice columnist Michael Musto let the folks at GOProud know just how he felt about gay Republicans, and the group had a sharp response.

Musto took umbrage with the group narrowly endorsing Mitt Romney for president. Romney does not support marriage equality and has mostly disavowed previous support for LGBT rights.

"I always thought that any gay who backs a candidate that doesn't support equal rights must have some very scary death wish," Mustro wrote on Monday. "It's self-defeating and downright creepy!"

The New York fixture compared the gay Republican group to Jewish Nazis and black Klanmembers, i.e. self-hating minorities with wrong priorities. GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia quickly responded, writing, "Have you seen Michael Musto lately? We aren't going to take serious political advice from a human Muppet. Musto should stick to writing gossip pieces about Lindsay Lohan and leave politics to the professionals."

Read Musto's response to that here.

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