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Pundit: LGBT Voters May Doom GOP Presidential Candidates

Pundit: LGBT Voters May Doom GOP Presidential Candidates


The growing influence of LGBT Americans is among the reasons George W. Bush may have been the last Republican president, says conservative commentator Myra Adams.

George W. Bush might end up being the last Republican president of the United States -- and if this is the case, LGBT Americans are at least partly responsible.

That's the conclusion reached by conservative media producer and writer Myra Adams, who first dealt with this subject in the months immediately before the 2012 presidential election and has revisited the issue in a recent Daily Beast article.

Among the reasons Adams lists for her concern about the future of her party is that the U.S. has "a culture where non-traditional social and sexual behavior has become mainstream," while the GOP "is growing increasingly white, old Southern, and male, which alienates ... gays" and other minorities. In other words, the influence of LGBT people and their societal acceptance and inclusion figure prominently in Adams's theory of why the Republican Party may be doomed.

Adams also cites "a mainstream media that is overwhelmingly comprised of journalists [who] are biased towards Democrats and liberal causes," "an education system controlled by liberals that churns out liberals," and "the influence of Hollywood," which makes being liberal "cool."

Adams further speculates that Hispanic voters will determine the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Saying the Democratic Party has used "aggressive" tactics to register Hispanic voters, she posits that Texas and other purple or red states might turn blue as a result of Hispanics voting Democratic by widening margins.

She concludes that if Texas turns blue, the result will be that "George W. Bush WAS the last Republican president."

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