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Illinois Hate-Group Wants Teachers to Reject 'Fiction' of Trans Students

Illinois Hate-Group Wants Teachers to Reject 'Fiction' of Trans Students

The Illinois Family Institute, a designated antigay hate group, is breaking out the dehumanizing rhetoric to discourage teachers in Illinois from recognizing the preferred gender identity of transgender students, according to ThinkProgress LGBT.

When Illinois' East Aurora High School considered, then quickly rescinded, protections for transgender students, IFI thought the battle was over. But since the district recently formed a new committee to investigate how best to meet the needs of transgender and gender non-conforming students, IFI launched into a hateful tirade against inclusion.

Calling trans students "gender-confused," IFI's Laurie Higgins also refers to two trans women who testified in support of the policy as "adult cross-dressing males who wish they were women."

ThinkProgress' Zack Ford highlighted some of Higgins' most odious claims, which need to be seen to be believed:

"This policy would inappropriately mandate that teachers use pronouns that correspond to a student's 'gender identity' as opposed to his or her objective biological sex. The reason teachers should not be compelled to use pronouns that don't correspond to a  student's biological sex is that requiring them to do so means requiring them to participate in a fiction. Students who suffer from gender dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder (as opposed to intersex conditions) have an objective biological sex. No student, teacher, or administrator should be compelled to treat objective reality as if it doesn't exist. The government has no ethical right to compel people to participate in a lie."

Read more of Ford's excellent take-down of IFI's red herrings here.

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