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Here's How You Can Celebrate Trans Pride on Facebook, Too!

Here's How You Can Celebrate Trans Pride on Facebook, Too!
Rainbows have been all over social media since Friday’s Supreme Court's ruling legalizing marriage equality in all 50 states, and now transgender folks and their supporters are adding a little lavender love to the scene. 
Like the ubiquitous rainbow filter app, this will add a transparent (no pun intended) filter to your profile picture -- or any photograph, of the transgender flag. Yes, there is a transgender flag!
Here’s how you can show your pride, support and acceptance of trans civil rights, with just a few clicks.
Yes, it really is that easy. No, you don’t have to be trans. In fact, we think it’s even cooler if you do this if you’re not trans. We did!
1. Upload an image to
2. Choose whether to make your original picture grayscale so the colors don’t clash with the filter. Unless you’re into that look!
3. Press submit.
4. Your browser will advance to the final result which you can right click to save to your desktop or pictures folder, and upload to Facebook as your new profile photo! 
That’s all it takes to let your profile pic show transgender pride on facebook!

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