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QUIZ: It's Time To Test Your Grey Gardens Knowledge

QUIZ: It's Time To Test Your Grey Gardens Knowledge


A restored, 40th anniversary version of the documentary provides a perfect excuse to revisit our favorite family tragicomedy.

Shortly after premiering at film festivals in the fall of 1975, the documentary Grey Gardens swiftly became a gay classic. Its iconic status didn't derive from camp value; directed by Albert and David Maysles (the former, sadly, passed away Thursday night), the film was a masterful, heartbreaking tale of two lovable misfits -- bed-ridden mother "Big" Edie Beale and her unhinged daughter "Little" Edie Beale -- imprisoned by their choices and wiling away their days in a crumbling mansion. The fact that the Beales were close relatives of one of the world's most glamorous women, former first-lady Jackie Onassis, only added to Grey Gardens' allure.

Time has not dulled the movie's legacy. In the last decade, a Tony-winning musical and Emmy-winning HBO film dramatized the events of Grey Gardens and brought the Beales' story to younger generations. Now, with the 40th anniversary of the film approaching, a newly restored version opens at New York's Film Forum on Friday and Los Angeles's Nuart Theater on May 1.

So, are you an Edie-phile or Edie-newbie? Take our quiz to find out if another viewing is necessary.

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