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WATCH: Ted Cruz's Father Says Gays Want Legalized Pedophilia


Speaking to reporters in Salt Lake City at the anti-LGBT gathering known as the World Congress of Families convention, Rafael Cruz — father of presidential aspirant Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas — said gay people are "going to try to legalize pedophilia."

In a short video featured on Towleroad, Cruz says the effort will begin with gay people trying to throw out statutory rape laws. 

The Cuban-born Cruz is an ordained minister who touts strict adherence to the Bible, and has previously equated gay people with "sexual predators." He was featured Thursday the WCF event, which has been slammed by pro-LGBT groups for giving a forum to homophobes and transphobic individuals who wish to export their animus overseas. Many at the convention already have spread their anti-LGBT hate to places like Nigeria and Russia — some to the extent that they are receiving awards at the annual event for their international work.

Read more about what went down this week at WCF here, and watch Cruz speak below.

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