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A Gay Man Burned a Bible in Protest at a Tennessee Book Burning

Tennessee book burning

Anti-LGBTQ+ pastor Greg Locke held a book burning in Tennessee last week, where he burned books including Harry Potter and Twilight to “deliver” his flock from demons. But as it turns out, he wasn’t the only one throwing some books on the pyre that night.

In a video posted on YouTube by Chris Hardin and his husband, the couple arrived at the book burning with a protest in mind. Hardin’s husband can be seen throwing a Bible on the fire and yelling “Hail Satan.”

“It took him shouting ‘I Burned a Bible’ several times before they stopped cheering and realized they’d been had,” Hardin wrote in the caption for the video.

Attendees threw books into the fire as other congregants looked on, cheering and blowing air horns. Hardin’s husband joined in and informed the crowd of what he had done. “I burned the Bible!” he said to the cheering group. “Keepin’ my copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species and Fahrenheit 451!”

When the crowd realized what he was saying, they suddenly turned on him and started demanding he leave, with several men attempting to escort Hardin and his husband off the premises.

Once they reached their car, the couple staged one more protest as they shared a kiss to the cries of horror from those surrounding the vehicle.

“They aggressively threw us out but we had a chance to disgust them with a kiss before we left,” wrote Hardin.

Commenters on the video praise the couple’s bravery.

“Honestly, regardless of however you feel about this move, that guy has balls of steel and is very brave for doing that,” wrote one.

“F*****’ Respect! That was an act of power and courage,” wrote another.

After leaving the book burning, the couple headed across the street to join a group of atheist and pagan counterprotesters who were playing “Highway to Hell” and watching a Harry Potter movie via a projector.

Watch the video below.


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