10 Reasons Why I Will Never Date a 'Gay for Trump'

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In Atlanta, you don’t see see many “NEG 4 NEG” or “NEG ONLY” Grindr profiles, at least not in midtown. The queer community here lives in the backyard of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and is generally well-educated on HIV, PrEP, and the dangers of pozphobia. The city is a comfortable spot of blue (and a bright swatch of rainbow) in the middle of a red, red state. 

Georgia again went full-on Republican on that miserable Electoral College map November 8. Before that night, I told myself I would never write statements of blanket refusal to a certain demographic on my Scruff or Grindr profile — I’ve been hurt in the past by “NEG 4 NEG” guys who turned me down without a second thought because of my HIV status. Before that night, I dismissed guys with “Whites Only,” “No Asians,” and “No Blacks” on their profiles. I dismissed them as a shrinking minority populace with no political clout. I assumed they were “gay bros” who didn’t vote and didn’t know the first thing about politics. I imagined they spent their weekends drinking vodka sodas and having sad vanilla sex with other “MASC ONLY” gay bros, playing video games, and talking about how much they hate vaginas. 

I was wrong. Many of them did vote. And they voted for Donald Trump. After November 8, I wrote my first-ever blanket refusal: No Republicans. If you voted for Trump, block me. 

Here are my 10 reasons why. 


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