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Find motivation to get in shape, track your results and eat better with this collection of high-tech fitness helpers.

The $99 Fitbit, which looks like a tie clip from the future, tracks not only how many steps you take each day but also miles traveled and calories burned. It can also monitor your sleep patterns at night, giving you data to help you get a good night's rest. Simply throw the Fitbit in your pocket or clip it to your waistband, and when you come near the base station, it wirelessly transmits all your stats to the Fitbit software.

DailyBurn is hands-down the best website for tracking your nutrition, daily food intake, and basic workouts. Plus, DailyBurn has online coaching and guidance, and you can also designate your friends as "motivators" to help you stay focused on your fitness goals. In addition to the extensive resources on the site, DailyBurn also has a novel FoodScanner iPhone app -- just point your camera phone at the bar code on a food wrapper, and the full nutrition information is automatically recorded.

While DailyBurn is better for overall health and fitness and nutrition tracking, PumpOne FitnessBuilder is more for the hard-core lifter who is focused on building muscle. This incredibly comprehensive iPhone app has an enormous database of exercises, machines and workouts to choose from, and tracks everything from body fat and blood pressure to rest time between sets. If you're the kind of person who has a favorite brand of protein shake, this app is for you.

Finally, when you're starting to feel the burn and you're ready for a little friendly competition, enter Push-up Wars. Powered by a slick iPhone app, Push-up Wars lets you challenge yourself and your friends to see who can do the most push-ups. (The app helps keep you honest too; you use your phone to record a video of yourself doing the work.)

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