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election 2024

GOP’s 2024 platform mirrors extremist Project 2025 as threat to women, LGBTQ+ people, and minorities

The Republican Party is playing with language to appear less extreme than it actually is.

Joe, the LGBTQ+ community loves and appreciates you more than you will ever know

During the last four years the president has done no wrong and everything right, and through herculean efforts, has rescued our democracy, John Casey argues.

Biden’s campaign has become a series of competency tests and reality checks

Will every ensuing interview and speech be a test of Biden’s coherence and sense of reality?

Many Democrats panic after Biden-Trump debate highlights both candidates’ weaknesses

The hand-wringing has begun, and conversations by some about a replacement on the ticket are being had in public, while others are expressing restraint.

Kamala Harris on debate: Biden fights for American people, Trump fights for himself

The vice president defended Joe Biden's performance in the first presidential debate.

What to expect from tonight's presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

The debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump will likely include a policy emphasis from one and personal attacks from another.

The Donald Trump verdict explained — and what comes next

Read all about Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, the possibility of jail time, and more.

Texas's first LGBTQ+ state senator, Molly Cook, wins primary for full term

Cook had won a special election to finish the term of a senator who resigned, but now she's won a primary runoff that will likely keep her representing her heavily Democratic district.

President Biden and First Lady to punctuate Pride Month with attendance at LGBTQ+ fundraiser in New York City

Joe and Jill Biden will attend the 25th annual LGBTQ+ Leadership Council Gala during Pride Month.

Human Rights Campaign to spend $15 million to support Joe Biden's reelection campaign in key swing states

The LGBTQ+ civil rights organization announced significant commitment toward engaging voters who care about equal rights, voters the group calls "equality voters."

Donald Trump says he'll revoke Joe Biden's protections for trans people 'on day one'

“We’re gonna end it on day one … the whole thing is crazy,” Trump said on a Philadelphia talk show.

Biden will hammer Trump over abortion bans in Florida speech

President Joe Biden will speak in Tampa on Tuesday to lay out why Donald Trump and Republicans are a danger to Americans’ reproductive rights.

Lisa Rinna says same-sex marriage is under attack and Americans will 'lose democracy' if Trump wins

The actress and former RHOBH star is sharing her political concerns as a grand marshal for Miami Beach Pride.

Joe Biden launches ‘Out for Biden-Harris’ campaign initiative to engage & woo LGBTQ+ voters (exclusive)

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris want queer people to know what's at stake this election and to get involved.

Why the trans community and allies must mobilize this election year

On Trans Day of Visibility, we celebrate the strides made and confront the challenges ahead, emphasizing the critical importance of the upcoming election for the trans community's rights and dignity.

Republican Ohio U.S. Senate candidate Bernie Moreno’s LGBTQ+ hypocrisy exposed

The GOP hopeful is trying to explain why an account on an adult website that was allegedly linked to him sought men for sex.

LGBTQ+ voters are all in for Democrats, while anti-transgender candidates are alienating everyone: GLAAD

LGBTQ+ Americans and registered voters in general want politicians to work more on the economy and climate and less on restricting the rights of women and trans people.

Laverne Cox is begging all queer Americans to vote Democrat in the 2024 election

The trans icon is reminding everyone what's at stake this year.

Alaska doesn't want to vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the 2024 election

The RuPaul's Drag Race winner is speaking up and sharing her concerns for this year's race.