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Buttigieg tells Maddow that Harris will ‘make a choice that makes sense to her’ when it comes to VP pick

Rachel Maddow asked him whether he would be open to serving as vice president.

Gay Rep. Robert Garcia roasts Donald Trump’s ‘bizarre and rambling’ Republican National Convention speech

This is why Garcia called it the most anti-immigrant speech that the former president has given.

Rachel Maddow says JD Vance’s rise is thanks to gay billionaire’s influence, not skill or merit

Peter Thiel has bank rolled most of JD Vance’s professional life, the award-winning journalist explained to the audience.

Watch: GLAAD national ad features  terrifying potential future under Project 2025

The clip shows a haunting scene of children reciting ‘The Pledge.’

Rachel Maddow calls Supreme Court’s Trump immunity decision a 'death squad ruling'

The out award-winning news host did not hold back after the shocking decision was announced on Monday.

Joe Fryer, NBC News' jack-of-all-trades, is his social studies class's newest celebrity

Fryer keeps busy throughout the week as the newest anchor on Saturday Today, as well as NBC News NOW, and a correspondent reporting across the network.

Ronna McDaniel, tied up by her Trump lies, drowns in an aquarium of her own making

McDaniel, hired and quickly fired by NBC, couldn't work any magic tricks to fit in.

Ronna McDaniel out at NBC after Rachel Maddow and others call out hiring the ex-RNC chair

Joining a chorus of dissent, Maddow’s Monday monologue highlighted widespread concern at NBC and MSNBC over adding the former RNC chairwoman to the payroll. McDaniel has since been sacked.

Cable news coverage of 2023 anti-trans bills lacked trans voices: Media Matters

Coverage of 2023's onslaught of transphobic legislation also varied widely in terms of tone and time spent, according to the watchdog group, with (surprise!) Fox News often amplifying anti-trans viewpoints.

Rachel Maddow criticizes MSNBC's coverage of Donald Trump's Super Tuesday speech

The respected anchor has often expressed her reservations about airing the former president’s remarks without a filter because they are typically filled with lies.

Rachel Maddow calls out Supreme Court’s decision to hear Trump immunity claim as ‘flagrant bull pucky’

In a candid discussion on MSNBC, Maddow criticized the court’s delay of Trump’s trial, challenging the legitimacy of presidential immunity claims, in conversation with Chris Hayes.

Megyn Kelly is peeved that Rachel Maddow reportedly makes $30 million

One of these is not like the other.

Don't fear Donald Trump, say the women who won an $83 million damages award

"He's nothing," says E. Jean Carroll, who sued Trump for claiming she was lying about being raped by him.

Watch dildos dominate discussion during Moms for Liberty MSNBC interview

Tiffany Justice, the co-founder of the anti-government extremist group, appeared obsessed with the sex toy and kept repeating the word.

Newsmax guest makes personal attacks about the looks of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid

Vernon Jones remarked on Reid’s hair color and said Maddow “wants to look like a man.”

Rachel Maddow and Adam McKay to make documentary on Trump-supporting criminal Lev Parnas

The film will focus on one of the criminals linked to Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

MSNBC’s decision not to air Trump’s Iowa victory speech live ignites right-wing firestorm

The network took a stand to protect journalistic integrity over political theater and conservatives are losing it.

Rachel Maddow on Speaker Mike Johnson, Donald Trump, and Democracy on ‘Colbert’

The celebrated MSNBC host discussed Trump’s “vermin” comment, American fascism, and Republicans’ inability to govern amid Speaker Mike Johnson’s new role.

Rachel Maddow’s ‘Prequel’ Tops New York Times Bestsellers List

Amid a nationwide tour, Maddow’s exploration of U.S. fascism clinched the top spot on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Rachel Maddow on Modern-Day Extremism, American Democracy, and Her New Book, ‘Prequel’

The book explores the historical roots and modern implications of fascist movements in the U.S. through the MSNBC host’s storytelling perspective.