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Here are the architects of the Republican National Committee's platform and its anti-LGBTQ+ hate

These are the virulent anti-LGBTQ+ Republicans behind the GOP platform.

Lauren Boebert mercilessly mocked for calling White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre a 'DEI hire'

The conservative representative recently took to social media to insult Karine Jean-Pierre, the first out gay Black woman to serve as White House press secretary.

Ron DeSantis vetoes millions in arts funding to shut down Florida's fringe festivals

The anti-LGBTQ+ governor blamed "sexual" fringe festivals across the state for making it impossible to allow any grants to reach organizations. Advocates have cried foul.

All Republican women in the South Carolina Senate lost their primaries — Here's why

Three women GOP State Senators joined Democrats last year to block an extreme conservative-backed bill.

Watching Joe Biden made me realize, sadly, that my grandfather was elderly — and human too

"The State of the Union was profound. But in due time, bad days start to outnumber the good," writes John Casey.

Colorado Republican who called LGBTQ+ people 'godless groomers' loses his primary​

Dave Williams, chair of the Colorado GOP, lost his primary after a campaign email and tweet calling to "burn all Pride flags."

Americans still support marriage equality by a vast majority — just not Republicans

More than two in three Americans still believe that marriage equality should be the law of the land, despite a slight dip in support.

Rep. Robert Garcia: 'The Army that defeated Hitler and saved the world included drag queens'

The California Democrat expertly demolished a Republican proposal to ban drag shows on military bases — but it passed the House of Representatives anyways.

Republicans call for Colorado GOP chair to resign after abhorrent Pride Month email

"The time has come for us to say we have had enough," the Jefferson County GOP said in a statement.

This Gay Republican keeps making excuses for the Colorado GOP’s homophobia

The head of Colorado's Log Cabin Republicans, Valdamar Archuleta, is defending the GOP chair who sent a campaign email calling LGBTQ+ people "godless groomers."

Colorado GOP calls LGBTQ+ people 'godless groomers' in Pride month email: 'God hates flags'

The state's GOP party recently sent out a campaign email that called LGBTQ+ people "barbaric," "creeps," “degenerates,” "groomers," "predators," “radicals,” and “reprobates."

20+ reactions to Trump's guilty verdict that have us in stitches

Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts and much of the internet is rejoicing.

National Park Service cracks down on Pride leaving LGBTQ+ rangers feeling betrayed

Recently, the National Park Service issued a memo barring employees from attending Pride parades in uniform. Official participation appears uncertain, and many LGBQT+ Rangers are feeling defeated.

Mike Johnson shows up outside the courtroom of Trump’s hush money trial because the Democrats let it happen

Johnson popped up at Trump's trial this week in support of the former president. Were Democrats wrong to help him stay in the speakership earlier this month?

Texas sees jump in reported ant-LGBTQ+ hate crime incidents as Republican lawmakers push homophobic bills

The surge in hate coincides with a record number of bills targeting the LGBTQ+ community in the Lone Star state.

South Dakota Republican Kristi Noem killed her dog. Now she wants to kill President Joe Biden's

Gov. Kristi Noem didn't just brag about killing her 14-month-old puppy in her new book — she also threatened President Joe Biden's dog, Commander.

Mississippi Republicans fail to pass trans bathroom ban and law defining sex

Republican lawmakers could not come to an agreement on two bills before their deadline.

Fighting back against MAGA’s attacks on equality

As the Republican-led House focuses on passing anti-LGBTQI+ measures, members of the Congressional Equality Caucus remain vigilant in advocating for equality.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has sunk so low even Fox News can't stand her anymore

Fox News recently published a scathing opinion piece slamming Greene's “bombastic self-serving showmanship and drama queen energy.”

Smithsonian responds after report of ending long-held drag shows following Republican angst (exclusive)

Reports found drag shows disappeared from the Smithsonian's calendar after institution leader Lonnie Bunch told House Republicans he'd "look into" them. Here's what really happened.