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Who Will Be at the Third Republican Presidential Debate?

Five Republican contenders for the party's nomination for president will take to the stage Wednesday night. All of them have lackluster LGBTQ+ rights records. Let's see what homophobic or transphobic comments are said tonight.

MAGA Republicans Continue to Abuse Funding Bills to Push an Anti-LGBTQ+ Agenda

"I’ve seen firsthand how Republicans are using these target marginalized communities for discrimination and exclusion," writes U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley.

Will a Speaker Jordan End Up Like Dennis Hastert, Done in by a Sex Scandal?

Hastert, a former wrestling coach, went to jail for paying a man off who he sexually abused as a youth. Jordan, a former wrestling coach at Ohio State, has his own imbroglio.

Virginia Library to Remain Open After County Leaders Resolve LGBTQ+ Book Spat

The agreement scripts a fresh chapter in Samuels Public Library’s LGBTQ+ books saga.

George Santos's Ex-Campaign Treasurer Implicates Congressman and Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charge

Nancy Marks's lawyer said Rep. George Santos had "mentally seduced" his client.

George W. Bush Calls Out Republicans Trying to End HIV Program PEPFAR

The former president urged Congress to continue funding PEPFAR, a program that was created under his presidency that’s saved more than 25 million lives.

Missouri Local GOP Chair Tried to Block Gay Pastor’s Library Board Reappointment

He gave the nonpartisan town council and mayor an ultimatum to exclude the gay pastor.

Florida LGBTQ+ Rights Groups Launch Parenting With Pride Program

The hope is to build a network of informed advocates within the community who will fight back against right-wing measures that target LGBTQ+ Floridians.

Tennessee Republican with Anti-LGBTQ+ History Sentenced in Campaign Finance Case

He once sponsored a bill that would have allowed people to discriminate based on “sincerely held” beliefs.

McConnell's Legacy in Flames as Trump Crime Show Swamps GOP

By not removing Trump when he had the chance, the Senate Minority Leader created a colossal PR disaster coinciding with the '24 election.

LGBTQ+ Community Centers: Invaluable, Imperiled

As other queer spaces shutter, community centers offer services, camaraderie, and respite.

GOP Declares War on HIV Program as Dr. Fauci Rings Alarm

After demonizing abortion services and marriage rights, Republicans now take aim at PEPFAR, which has saved millions of lives.

Texas Sued Over 'Unconstitutional' Drag Ban by ACLU

The litigation seeks to prevent the Republican ban on drag performance to take effect next month.

Caitlyn Jenner Asks Ron DeSantis ‘Which Bathroom Should I Use?’

The olympic medalist challenged Florida’s governor to direct her to the proper facilities.

Mitch McConnell Suffers Frightening Episode During Press Conference

The Republican leader suddenly stopped talking and stared off into the distance during his weekly press conference.

House Republicans Schedule ‘Mean-Spirited’ Hearing on Gender-Affirming Care

House Republicans are continuing their party’s culture war against the LGBTQ+ community.


Arlington Schools Chief Rejects Youngkin’s ‘Discriminatory’ Trans Policies

He says his school system will stick to its inclusive policies which are in accordance with Virginia state law.

Republican Lawmakers Look to Ban Pride Flags at Stonewall, Other National Sites

Republicans have begun targeting LGBTQ-related initiatives in latest round of the national budget process.

House Republican ‘Terrorists’ Target LGBTQ+ Community Center Funding in ‘Unprecedented’ Move

Democrats in the House of Representatives are livid and have called out their GOP colleagues.


Obama Slams Book Bans in Open Letter to American Librarians

The former president took aim at the recent push by right-wing extremists to ban books from public and school libraries.