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Hugh Grant Talks About His Sex Scenes With Ben Whishaw

Hugh Grant on Sex Scenes With Ben Whishaw in A Very English Scandal

Hugh Grant on Sex Scenes With Ben Whishaw in 'A Very English Scandal'

The actor said the sultry scenes were why he wanted to take the role in the historical film.

Hugh Grant has intense sex scenes with co-star Ben Whishaw in Amazon's A Very English Scandal. Grant said the sex scenes with Whishaw were "why" he took the role. The series follows Jeremy Thorpe's 1979 trial on charges that he conspired to murder his lover, Norman Scott. Grant reflected to Business Insider that this role is a departure from what we're used to seeing him in. About the love scenes he said, "We just got on with it, really. The scenes where we're in love, and I'm passionately kissing him and rolling around in the bed with him, very little talk." He added, "I remember one time, I pushed him on the bed and I thought, 'Well, I got one with kissing him, but I better try something else: I'll lick his nipples!'"

You can watch the series now on Amazon Prime.

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