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Ellen DeGeneres Calls Out Love Is Blind's Straight Setup in Faux Scene

Ellen DeGeneres

A few of the couples on Netflix's reality series Love Is Blind, which seeks to place deep connection before aesthetic attraction, found love. But Ellen DeGeneres, who inserted herself into a faux scene from the show, walked away empty-handed. 

"I was in one of the early episodes. I wasn’t looking for love and I didn’t find it," DeGeneres joked on her talk show this week ahead of interviewing several of the contestants. 

The series, which places male and female contestants on opposite sides of a wall in separate pods where they share details of their lives, bond, possibly fall in love, and agree to wed without ever having seen one another, has taken over the national conversation in recent weeks along with the presidential election and the COVID-19 outbreak. 

With only opposite-sex couples placed in the pods to possibly fall find love, the show is inherently heteronormative, which DeGeneres notes in her scene in which Love Is Blind contestant Damian proposes. 

"Oh, no, there’s a mix-up here," DeGeneres says. "I’m here for a Netflix meeting. I think I came in the wrong door." 

Watch the scene below. 


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