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Twenties' Black Queer Lead Hattie Navigates Hollywood in Exclusive Clip

Jojo Gibbs

In Lena Waithe’s comedy Twenties, which premiered in 2020 and is now in its second season on BET, Jonica T. “Jojo” Gibbs plays Hattie, an aspiring TV writer who lands a plum job working for one of the most successful Black female showrunners in Hollywood. The breezy, uplifting series follows Hattie as she navigates work, love, how to be a good daughter while also striking out on her own, and hanging out with her best friends, Nia (Gabrielle Graham) and Marie (Christina Elmore). The first season was quietly boundary-pushing with a Black masculine-of-center queer woman at its core. This season continues to explore the ins and outs of Hollywood that crop up around identity.

In an exclusive clip from the latest episode airing Wednesday on BET, Hattie interviews a potential agent who appears to want to sign her because he needs Black writers on his roster. A discussion about how their partnership could be mutually beneficial ensues.

This year Twenties became BET’s first series to be nominated for a GLAAD Media Award.

“Having Hattie on TV as a masculine-presenting queer person — female — I think it’s revolutionary,” Gibbs told The Advocate during the show's first season. “And it’s necessary. People need to see people in their uniqueness and their comfortable space, and someone who’s confident in being themselves.”

Watch the clip below. And watch Twenties on BET. 

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