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Pride Spans 60 Years of LGBTQ+ History With Eps From Queer Directors

Pride Spans 60 Years of LGBTQ+ History With Eps From Queer Directors

Pride on FX

The trailer for the FX docuseries from directors including Cheryl Dunye, Andrew Ahn, and Yance Ford is out now. 

The new docuseries from FX, Pride, chronicles LGBTQ+ history in six episodes directed by different queer luminaries. The series spans 60 years of history, with the stories helmed by New Queer Cinema's Tom Kalin, Andrew Ahn, Cheryl Dunye, Anthony Caronna and Alexander Smith, Yance Ford, and Rosie Haber.

The series, which covers a decade per episode beginning with the 1950s and ending in the 2000s, is produced by Killer Films (Swoon, Velvet Goldmine, Carol) and Vice studios, according to The Bay Area Reporter.

Each episode, loaded with interviews and archival footage, takes on a different era in queer history and covers various aspects of LGBTQ+ life as well. Kalin's episode kicks off the series with an investigation of the McCarthy era in the '50s while Ahn's covers the riots and incipient stages of revolution in the '60s. Dunye's episode spans the '70s and covers the first Pride march and artists including Audre Lorde and Barbara Hammer. Covering the underground club scene of the '80s and the AIDS crisis are Caronna and Smith, who directed Susanne Bartsch: On Top. The Clinton era and the "culture wars" of the '90s are detailed in Ford's episode while nonbinary director Ro Haber covers the era of the fight for marriage equality in the 2000s.

Watch the trailer for Pride below. And catch the premiere on FX this Friday.

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