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WATCH: Protesters March Against Murders of Trans Women

WATCH: Protesters March Against Murders of Trans Women

Transgender community leaders and LGBTQ activists held a rally protesting violence against transgender and gender-nonconforming people Tuesday in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of east Los Angeles.

Members of the National LGBTQ Task Force, the TransLatin@ Coalition, FAMILIA: Trans and Queer Liberation Movement, the Royal Court of Los Angeles, among other groups, took part. Trans activist Jennicet Guitierrez was also on hand.

Demonstrators called for an investigation into the death of Tamara Dominguez, a transgender woman killed by a man driving an SUV, who was repeatedly ran her over near a church parking lot in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday. Authorities are looking into her death as a potential hate crime.

“The level of violence against transgender people, particularly transgender women of color, in this country is unconscionable and part of a national crisis,” said Stacey Long Simmons, director of public policy and government affairs for the Task Force. “Last night we learned about Tamara Dominguez, a trans woman who was murdered in Kansas City, Missouri. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Dominguez's loved ones. We call upon local authorities to undertake a swift investigation of another senseless loss. Together, we must continue to stand up against the ongoing systemic oppressions, demand justice and educate the public about the real harm caused by anti-trans violence.”

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So far in 2015, 17 trans women have been reported murdered nationwide, many of them women of color. Read their stories here.

“We are outraged by the continued murders targeting transgender women and gender-nonconforming people taking place in California and throughout the nation. We must all do more to protect everyone against violence and discrimination, regardless of who they are. We call on federal and local governments, non-profit organizations, and businesses to join us in stopping these senseless murders,” added Bamby Salcedo, president of the TransLatin@ Coalition.

Watch the video from Los Angeles TV station KTLA below.

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