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Alex Jones: Most Trans People Weigh 500 Pounds and 'Sexualize Children'

Alex Jones

The far-right wack job made the comment while pointing to a transgender Trump supporter as the exception.

Far-right nutjob Alex Jones has come up with yet another anti-transgender insult, saying most trans people are ugly, severely overweight, and "sexualize children."

He made the comment on Tuesday's edition of The Alex Jones Show. He was talking about Blaire White, a right-wing trans woman who is a Donald Trump supporter, saying she's an exception among transgender people.

"We've had this activist on before and, again, have nothing against her because she's not sexualizing children. ... We should have her back on, very articulate, smart person. Blaire White, the, I have to say, attractive trans," Jones said. "Usually, they're not. It's kind of refreshing that she isn't super ugly and doesn't weigh 500 pounds."

White, known for her Twitter and YouTube rants against "social justice warriors," was featured in a video shown by Jones in which she appears to be assaulted while wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap in Hollywood, with someone throwing a liquid over her. Jones uses the video as an example of general hatred of Trump and his supporters and incivility on the part of the left.

Not that Jones is typically civil. His insults to trans people have included saying that trans women are simply gay men who want to pick up more men, and that acceptance of transgender people is a precursor to the creation of a "robot army" to oppress humanity. Really.

And many other groups have been the target of his ire. He has said that "globalist" and "Deep State" forces -- that is, major businesses and mainstream politicians of both parties -- are conspiring against Trump. He also has contended that the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was staged to build support for gun control and that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington, D.C., pizza parlor -- claims he's had to walk back to some degree.

Watch the clip of Jones's show below, courtesy of Media Matters.

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