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PHOTO: Brazilians Fight Homophobia With a Kiss

PHOTO: Brazilians Fight Homophobia With a Kiss

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Renowned Brazilian singer, producer, and dancer, Daniela Mercury shared a tender kiss with her wife at Brazil’s 12th annual LGBT Seminar at the National Congress, to protest the tidal wave of hate that’s been growing against the LGBT population in Brazil.

The two women came out as lesbian in 2013, when they published a photo on Instagram with the phrase: "Malu is now my wife, my family and my inspiration to sing."

Parliamentarians attending the two-day seminar were looking for ways to improve and protect the rights of LGBT Brazilians.

The seminar coincided with the premiere of the soap opera Babylon, which recently featured the country’s first same-sex kiss on a popular telenovela. Babylon’s kiss between two women has sparked celebration from LGBT advocates, but also condemnation from conservatives who claim the production sets a bad example for children.

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