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Glenn Greenwald's Husband Elected to Rio City Council

David Michael Miranda

David Michael Miranda, an LGBT activist and member of Brazil's socialist party, was elected to Rio de Janeiro's city council on Sunday.

Miranda is most well known outside of Brazil as the husband of Glenn Greenwald, the American journalist who released classified documents from the National Security Agency leaked to him in 2013 by former CIA employee Edward Snowden. Greenwald wrote about the documents in articles for The Guardian, revealing numerous global surveillance programs operated by the NSA.

Miranda, a proponent of governmental transparency, was detained for nine hours at London's Heathrow Airport three years ago after British officials found classifed documents on his laptop, some of which they claimed endangered intelligence officers' lives, according to the BBC.

Miranda's successful run for city council was supported by writer Noam Chomsky, actress Susan Sarandon, and Snowden. Miranda assumes office in January.

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