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Mother Writes Letter to Man Who Bullied Her Son

Mother Writes Letter to Man Who Bullied Her Son


After a man chased her son out of a public restroom because he thought the young man was a girl, this blogging parent called out the genderphobic bully in an open letter.

Following the recent trend of parents supporting their children via inspirational letters, a mother took to the internet this week to call out a bully who chased her son out of a public restroom after mistaking the boy's gender identity.

Posting "an open letter to the guy who chased my son out of the men's bathroom after mistaking him for a girl" on her blog, the parent of the bullied child highlighted the inherent genderphobia that her son's tormenter exhibited with his actions and gave him a lesson in basic manners.

She writes:

I just want to start by applauding your decision to shout at us right off the bat. "She was in the men's room! Your daughter was in the men's room! A girl in the men's room!" For one thing, how else will we learn? For another, how else will we be covered in spittle? Plus, I think it's good, if you see something unexpected, to proceed with violent certainty rather than with, say, wonder or even doubt. Like the time I found that slightly darker O in my bowl of Cheerios and freaked out because I knew for sure that it was a wheel from the landing gear of a miniature UFO that was going to abduct me and probe my anus; if it were cereal, it would look like the rest of the cereal. Likewise, if you see a doll with short hair, even if it's lying next to a pair of scissors, you should think, "Ew. When did Ken's boobs get so big?"

It made sense, too, to continue to insist that he was a girl, even after he calmly explained that he had been in the men's room because he was a boy. ("It's Ken! But Ken has boobs!") And your distress over imagining that a preadolescent girl saw your man parts--"I was naked in there! She saw me naked!"--makes such an important point about the prevalence of peeping-Tommery in young girls, and the ways that middle-aged men are vulnerable to them.

To answer your question, "Are you its mom?" more unambiguously: Yes. But you're smart to ask, because maybe the whole family is a transgendered house of mirrors and I'm really "its" dad! (Last laugh--i.e. my having it--alert!) Certainly, though, it made a lot of sense to imagine that I had colluded in the perversion of sending a girl into the men's room because, after all, what parent doesn't want their daughter to be in a tiled room full of urinating men?

In conclusion, thank you for your valuable input. I can only hope that my son will leave behind his girly days of placid confidence and grow into somebody as manly as you--with the kind of balls it takes to scream at a child in public.

yours truly,

Its Mother

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