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Seven-Year-Old Former Bully Shares Heartwarming Story of Change

Seven-Year-Old Former Bully Shares Heartwarming Story of Change


A second-grade student shares the story of how went from teasing others to starting an antibullying club at school.

Seven-year-old Cameron Thompson felt so bad for teasing a fellow student to the point of tears that he didn't simply apologize, he started a school club against bullying, reports Today.

The second-grader at Tournament Hills Elementary in Beaumont, Calif., was reprimanded for making fun of another boy in his class for bringing a Barbie doll to school for show-and-tell. But the experience didn't just affect the boy he bullied, Thompson says he felt bad as well. "I didn't really mean to tease him so much that I made him cry," he told Today.

He wrote an apology letter to the boy he'd made fun of and his mother apologized the bullied boy's family as well, but that wasn't good enough for Thompson and he decided to start an antibullying club at his elementary school. "Since I was sad, I thought I could make it up to him and he could feel better and I could feel better too," Thompson told Today.

Thompson's family helped him create an educational video titled "Confessions of a Bully" which reenacts the incident that eventually caused him to have a change of heart. He also launched the antibullying club working together with the boy he had once teased, which drew 76 students on the first day alone.

Thompson wants other bullies to know "it's not too late to change" and that we should all work to "accept a person for who they are."

Watch Today's heartwarming story as well as Thompson's "Confessions of a Bully" below.

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