Hot Sheet: Too Much Is Never Enough

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: from a liberated Liberace to Bluth family values.



1. TV: Behind the Candelabra
We almost can't believe it's finally here — after years of casting, recasting, shopping around for a deal, and arguing in the press, the Liberace movie Behind the Candelabra is finally premiering on HBO this Sunday. Michael Douglas plays the flamboyant piano virtuoso, while Matt Damon plays Scott Thorson, Liberace's younger lover, while Rob Lowe, Debbie Reynolds, Dan Akroyd, Scott Bakula, and Cheyenne Jackson get to play along as Stephen Soderbergh directs the whole thing. While the subject matter is sparkly, campy, and well, gay on the surface, it's also an adequate look at the complexities of being gay only a couple of decades ago.

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