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Jennifer Hudson’s life reads like a fairy tale. It’s complete with exhilarating highs and devastating lows that have played out in front of mass audiences. But as she sings in the TV spots for her Weight Watchers campaign, the superstar entertainer is feeling good now. After losing 80 pounds, Hudson is also looking more beautiful than ever. The former American Idol contestant is the proud mother of a music-obsessed two-year-old son David, (with her partner David Otunga), whom she’s called “ a little Michael Jackson.”

The 29-year-old, who won an Academy Award for her first film, Dreamgirls, and a Grammy Award for her eponymous first album looks to continue her winning streak. Her sophomore release, I Remember Me (available today), is a diverse collection of a dozen R&B songs on which she collaborated with Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Ne-Yo, and R. Kelly, including the debut hit single “Where You At.” Later this year Hudson will return to the big screen in Winnie, a film biography of activist Winnie Mandela, opposite Terrance Howard. Hudson speaks with The Advocate about the inspiration for her latest album, the new movie that changed her life, and the conversation she had with Alicia Keys about her big gay following.

The Advocate: Your new album is called I Remember Me. What does the title mean?
Jennifer Hudson: The title I Remember Me kind of came out of my first record. People were always asking, “What does she think? What is it like for her?” So it felt like all my feelings were bottled up and after 29 years, it felt as if I’d lived over four different lives. Nothing about me is the same as it was two years ago.

Both of your albums feature a range of very different songs. How do you decide which ones you'll record?
I’m a music lover, as well as a recording artist. I made sure to only record songs I love. If I didn’t love them I wouldn’t even go near the studio to record it. Each of the songs when I heard them for the first time I just fell in love with them. I just knew that these are songs I’d want to listen to.

Which song on the new record do you think your gay fans will respond to most?
That’s a tough question. I think it would be…hold on. I need to think about that. [Laughs] Well, when I was in the studio with Alicia we would always go over the music before I went into the booth to record it and we were sitting there one day and she asked, “Do you have a gay following?” And I said, “Yeah.” Then she said, “Well, it’s gonna be even bigger now.” And we both started laughing. I think the song my gay fans will respond to is “Everybody Needs Love.” The remix of “Where You At” is good, too.


To say you have a mere gay following is probably a huge understatement. In fact, Miles Davis Moody, the actor who plays your boyfriend in your “Where You At” video, is gay and a friend of yours. How did you come to cast him?
Miles was originally a fan of mine back when I was on Idol. We’ve been friends ever since. We’ve kept in touch and he’s been a big supporter. He’s a beautiful man. I was like, “Come on baby, I need you to be in my video.” [Laughs]

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