WATCH: Barbra Streisand in Concert at Sold Out Brooklyn Show

The legendary 70-year-old singer performs a sold-out show in Brooklyn, the first time in her hometown since she was 8 years old.



Babs in concert in Brooklyn
Babs in concert in Brooklyn

Barbra Streisand did a show in Brooklyn at the new Barclays Center on Thursday (there's another one tonight) and reports of it from Jezebel, Entertainment Weekly, and the New York Times (and, of course, Twitter) all rave about the sold-out, 19,000-seat concert in Babs' hometown. 

"I've come home at last!" the 70-year-old crooner told the crowd. As Entertainment Weekly's Jessica Shaw wrote: "The last time she did a solo show in Brooklyn, she told the cheering crowd, was when she was 8 and singing on a stoop on Pulaski Street."

And tweets from celebs in attendance, including Katie Couric, Rashida Jones, Mo Rocca and Michael Bloomberg, indicate it was worth all the buzz. Here's a clip from the show.


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