Artist Spotlight: Ryan Colford

By exposing the male body both nude and clothed, Colford strives to remove layers of deception.





Artist Statement

I use photography to capture one slice of time, a glimpse of beauty immortalized. Everything tells a story that I try to reveal to the viewer. Some pieces tell one story and some are an integral piece of a larger story yet to be told.

My focus on the male form is to expose the beauty of man. Society has de-sexualized the male form to a detriment. Our culture hides the male body in layers of ill-fitting clothes and instills a shame when someone appreciates the male form.

By exposing the male body both nude and clothed, I strive to remove those layers of deception. The imagery that I create is proud, vulnerable, tender, and strong but at the heart it is the unabashed celebration of male sexuality.

My work allows the viewer to truly appreciate the life and energy of man. As a man I feel it is important to share this art in today’s society.

Tags: Photography