La Toya Jackson: Sister Pledge

As a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice, La Toya Jackson continues her late brother Michael’s commitment to AIDS Project Los Angeles. But which catty competitor’s side is she on — Star Jones or NeNe Leakes?



A longtime fervent supporter of LGBT causes, La Toya Jackson will compete to raise funds and awareness for AIDS Project Los Angeles on a dramatic new season of The Celebrity Apprentice, which premieres March 6 on NBC. As the 54-year-old singer-songwriter readies to release her long-delayed 11th studio album, Startin’ Over, she explains why APLA has become as important to her as it was to her brother Michael. Why did you choose AIDS Project Los Angeles as your charity organization on The Celebrity Apprentice?
La Toya Jackson: My brother is in the Guinness Book of World Records for giving over $400 million to charities around the world, and AIDS Project Los Angeles was one that was very close to his heart. When I was approached to do Celebrity Apprentice, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to bring some awareness to APLA.

How did you first get involved with APLA?
I got involved with them when my brother passed. I have always been involved with different organizations, especially ones that help people who are dying and things of that nature, but I wanted to continue the work with APLA where Michael left off.

Of all the charities that Michael was involved with, why was APLA so special to him?
Well, there are a lot of different charities, and no one charity is better than the others because they all serve an important purpose. But there are young kids out there suffering from AIDS, innocent kids who didn’t ask for this and who don’t have a voice, so Michael knew how important it was to find a panacea to make sure these kids are cured. I remember going to the hospital to see these poor little babies that weren’t any bigger than my hand because they had AIDS.

How will the money you raise for APLA on Celebrity Apprentice be used to help people?
It will be used in many different fashions. Some will be donated toward the effort to find a panacea. Some will go to buy groceries and things for those who can no longer leave their homes, and I often go deliver groceries to people. But more than anything, the money will go toward giving people medicine to keep them well. The medicine is very expensive, especially when you don’t have insurance.

Your 2009 single “Home” also benefited the cause.
Yes, every single penny went to APLA. That song had actually been recorded about eight years ago. Not long after my brother passed, my record company wanted me to put out a song, but I told them I didn’t want to put a song out at that time. But I decided that if had to do it, I’d put out this song and donate all the money to charity. “Home” is a song about my family. It’s about how you all grow up together and then you go in different directions that take you away from home, but you can always come back and find each other because we’re still together as one.

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