WATCH: Jay Leno's Bummed Andy Cohen Wouldn't Shag Him

"Shag, Marry, Kill" is all fun and games until someone unshaggable gets his feelings hurt.

So Long, Spartacus: A Shirtless Tribute to the Starz Series

How else would we commemorate the series finale than by celebrating the show's hunkiest soldiers and gladiators in various states of ancient undress?

WATCH: Trailer for Liberace Film, 'Behind The Candelabra'

WATCH: Trailer for Liberace Film, 'Behind The Candelabra'

After years of development and production fits and starts, the trailer for HBO's Liberace biopic, Behind The Candelabra has debuted.

WATCH: Matt Damon in a Speedo in New Behind the Candelabra Trailer

Damon shows off his spray tan in the latest preview of HBO's Liberace biopic.

Carrie Bradshaw's First Gay Friend Gets His First Gay Kiss

Before there was Sex and the City there were sexy boys smooching in the city on The Carrie Diaries. Preview tonight's season finale.

The LGBT Media Interviews: Still Mad About Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, and Elisabeth Moss

Still Mad About Jon, Christina, and Elisabeth

Before Mad Men returns for season 6, revisit The Advocate's interviews with three of the AMC drama's most appealing stars, Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, and Elisabeth Moss.

Kathy Griffin's Talk Show Gets Canceled

WATCH: Gay Housemate on TV Land's 'Forever Young' on Tonight's Premiere

WATCH: TV Land's Forever Young Has a Gay Housemate

One of the two gay roommates of TV Land's new reality series, which premieres tonight, tells us how the older folks on the show accepted him.

WATCH: Gay Couple or Straight Friends? You Be the Judge!

In response to GOP chairwoman Sue Everhart's recent comments about marriage equality, Jimmy Kimmel Live! debates the sexuality of random pedestrians.

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