CNN Turns Focus to Gays in America
June 01 2010 12:50 PM ET

CNN, O'Brien Focus on Gays in America

Advocate Contributors

After programs including Black in America and Latino in America, CNN and Soledad O'Brien (pictured) focus on gay Americans with In America: Gary and Tony Have a Baby. 

John Waters Reality TV Ruined Bad Taste
May 30 2010 3:25 PM ET

John Waters: Reality TV Ruined Bad Taste

Jeremy Kinser

Filmmaker John Waters, famed for once-shocking movies such as Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, says reality TV has ruined bad taste, in an interview with website ExpressNightOut. "I don't even think there is bad taste anymore,"he says. "American humor is bad taste — that's what we import, that's what television is about, reality television is based on that.

Son of Sunset
May 18 2010 1:40 PM ET

Son of Sunset

Neal Broverman

The breakout star of WE's Sunset Daze, the reality version of The Golden Girls (and Guys), is animated former actress Gail. Her "straight guy" foil is her gay son Cary, who tells us about growing up with the vivacious redhead.

Soapside Daytime Emmy Nominations All My Children
May 17 2010 1:20 PM ET

Soapside: 's Guide to Daytime

Michael Fairman

Crystal Chappell (pictured at left) scores Emmy nod, but Kish is shut out; AMC recasts Bianca; as ATWT nears its end, is Luke’s destiny with Reid? and GH’s new Michael ends up in lockup.

Gay Straight Brother Alliance Wins Amazing Race
May 10 2010 7:45 PM ET

Gay-Straight Brother Alliance Wins

Trudy Ring

A fraternal bond and a competitive spirit bring Dan and Jordan Pious victory on the hit reality show The Amazing Race.

Naya Rivera: Bring It On, Bitch!
May 04 2010 7:10 PM ET

Naya Rivera: Bring It On, Bitch!

Brandon Voss

As Santana, Glee’s resident mean girl, Naya Rivera loosens her tight Cheerios ponytail to talk gay bars, drag queen inspiration, and the bisexual future of Brittana.

Heather Morris: It's Brittany, Gleeks!
April 27 2010 7:25 PM ET

Heather Morris: It's Brittany, Gleeks!

Brandon Voss

As Brittany, Glee’s ditziest Cheerio, Heather Morris sings the praises of her hit show’s Madonna episode, Lady Gaga tribute, and pinky-holding girl-on-girl action.

Tyra Sanchez: Tiara Snatch, RuPaul's Drag Race
April 27 2010 5:10 PM ET

Tyra Sanchez: Tiara Snatch

Brandon Voss

Newly crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Tyra Sanchez talks big breasts, Beyoncé, and her dream of becoming America’s next drag avatar.

Megan Mullally Her Lips Are Unsealed
April 16 2010 6:50 PM ET

Megan Mullally: Her Lips Are Unsealed

Brandon Voss

The Will & Grace Emmy winner embraces the unglamorous life as a cater-waiter in the second season of Party Down, but she's still not as bisexual as you want her to be.

Colman Domingo: Big Gay Showstopper
April 13 2010 7:00 PM ET

Colman Domingo: Big Gay Showstopper

Brandon Voss

The Big Gay Sketch Show's breakout star talks about spoofing RuPaul, beating Next Fall’s Geoffrey Nauffts, and drinking with Tara Reid.

Soapside Advocate Guide to Daytime April
April 12 2010 12:50 PM ET

Soapside Advocate Guide to Daytime April

Michael Fairman

Y&R’s Eden Riegel (pictured) does sketch comedy and joins the No H8 campaign, Venice exclusive with Chappell and Turrisi, and One Life to Live says goodbye to Kish.

Say Guncle
April 05 2010 12:05 PM ET

Christopher Mangum

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood’s gay uncles, Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, discuss the challenges of an open adoption, their unique relationships with Tori, and the possibility of naming their baby Donna Martin.

When Intervention Isnt Enough
March 25 2010 2:05 PM ET

When Intervention Isn't Enough

Neal Broverman

Drunken rages took a toll on a relationship and were typically heartbreaking.