Staff Calls 911 for Ellen DeGeneres Report Says
September 26 2011 7:28 PM ET

Staff Calls 911 for Ellen DeGeneres: Report Says

Advocate Contributors

Ellen DeGeneres experienced chest pains and a member of her staff called 911.

Randy and Fenton The Wonder Years
September 16 2011 11:25 AM ET

Randy and Fenton: The Wonder Years

Jeremy Kinser

Out filmmakers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey discuss bringing transgender issues to the forefront with Becoming Chaz and what they learned while making their powerful new political exposé about "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell."

Still In the Closet Meet Gay TVs Fall Lineup
September 16 2011 3:00 AM ET

Still In the Closet? Meet Gay TV's Fall Lineup

Ari Karpel

The networks’ fall lineup will offer surprisingly few new LGBT characters, half of whom are closeted.

Death Becomes Him
September 15 2011 7:00 AM ET

Josh Berman: Death Becomes Him

Jeremy Kinser

With Drop Dead Diva, his hit series about a reincarnated model, Josh Berman is not only changing perceptions about beauty and intellect, he’s also fighting social injustice.

Sofias Choice Sofia Vergara
September 14 2011 3:00 AM ET

Sofía Vergara: Sofía's Choice

Brandon Voss

The Modern Family star explains why she supports the Latin gay community but didn’t want gay children of her own.

Jane Lynch and the Mommy Track Suit
September 12 2011 3:00 AM ET

Jane Lynch and the Mommy Track (Suit)

Diane Anderson-Minshall

After decades of work in television and movies, Jane Lynch became an overnight sensation playing Glee’s tracksuit-sporting antihero, Sue Sylvester. But it’s her new roles as a mother and wife that may just give the funny lady her biggest sense of accomplishment yet.

The Corset Whisperer
September 08 2011 2:05 PM ET

The Corset Whisperer

Neal Broverman

The fashion designer star of Sundance's new show Unleashed by Garo talks about corsets as female empowerment and picky clients like Madonna (no hydrangea-themed dresses, please)

Living for the Apocalypse
August 26 2011 6:25 AM ET

Living for the Apocalypse

Diane Anderson-Minshall

The families on Sunday’s one-hour TLC special Livin’ for the Apocalypse offer a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to prepare for the end of civilization as we know it.

Sara Gilbert Allison Adler Split
August 24 2011 6:20 PM ET

Sara Gilbert, Allison Adler Split

Trudy Ring

Sara Gilbert, actress and host of The Talk, and producer-writer Allison Adler have ended their 10-year relationship.

The Good Wifes Gay Gets a Guy
August 17 2011 3:45 PM ET

’s Gay Gets a Guy

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Michael Arden (pictured, left) has been cast as the love interest of Owen (Dallas Roberts, right) on the CBS drama The Good Wife.

Can Satire Be Racist The Daily Show on Obama
August 11 2011 5:25 PM ET

Can Satire Be Racist? on Obama

Diane Anderson-Minshall

The Daily Show’s discussion of “the Obama downgrade” was either hilarious liberal satire or embarrassing old-school racism, depending on who you ask.

Koreas L Word Style TV Show Courts Controversy
August 08 2011 3:25 PM ET

Korea’s –Style TV Show Courts Controversy

Diane Anderson-Minshall

South Korea’s first lesbian-themed TV drama caused a commotion even before its premiere Sunday but has won devoted fans.

Roseanne Kind of Wants to Make Out With Cher
August 05 2011 7:30 PM ET

Roseanne Kind of Wants to Make Out With Cher

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Roseanne Barr, the lesbo-loving comic star of the hit new Lifetime reality show Roseanne’s Nuts, is still talking sapphic smooches.