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The Advocates: Lesbian Gaze
October 09 2009 10:00 AM ET

Alex Galan

Sapphic ads, functional footwear, monograms

The Advocates Shades of Blu
October 09 2009 10:00 AM ET

Evan Orensten

Blu-ray choices, Blu-ray DVD picks, body composition scale

These Precious Things
October 08 2009 10:00 AM ET

Lisa Kennedy

Precious director Lee Daniels mines the shadows for cinematic gems in his second directorial effort, and even Oprah Winfrey is a fan.

The Great Emancipator
October 08 2009 10:00 AM ET

The Great Emancipator

Joshua David Stein

The legacy of Abraham Lincoln inspired famed choreographer Bill T. Jones to create his most ambitious work yet.

Cruise Control
October 08 2009 10:00 AM ET

Cruise Control

James Kirchick

Once an unfortunate but understandable option for a beaten-down sexual minority, public sex no longer has a place in modern gay culture -- as so many closeted politicians and celebs have proven.

Interview With the Vampires
October 07 2009 6:05 AM ET

Neal Broverman

Immortal neck-biters have their moment in the sun.

Glees Chris Colfer: Just One of the Guys
October 06 2009 1:55 PM ET

Glees Chris Colfer: Just One of the Guys

Lesley Goldberg

Doing “Single Ladies” with the football team. Getting bombed with Kristin Chenoweth. Gay life on Glee is a dream come true for Chris Colfer -- a far cry from his high school days, where being out wasn't an option.

Lohans Line Ripped at Paris Fashion Week
October 05 2009 2:35 PM ET

Christopher Mangum

Lindsay Lohan, the sometime actress, lesbian, and purveyor of leggings and self-tanner, debuted her clothing line produced with fashion house Emanuel Ungaro on Sunday during Paris Fashion Week.

Becoming a Gay Exorcist for Beginners
October 02 2009 6:25 PM ET

Becoming a Gay Exorcist for Beginners

Dave White

Letterman comes clean, and so does Tyra -- sort of -- with those gay exorcists, telling them that what they refer to as the “spirit of discernment" is really just gaydar.

Soapside Advocate Guide to Daytime - 2009-10-02
October 02 2009 5:30 AM ET

Soapside Advocate Guide to Daytime - 2009-10-02

Michael Fairman

Soap hunk Austin Peck on his ATWT exit and new film, One Life’s same-sex marriage-athon, an update from Venice, and James Franco heads to General Hospital. 

Parading to a New Tune
October 01 2009 8:00 PM ET Editors

Fresh from his oft turbulent, much talked about run on Grey's Anatomy, T.R. Knight makes his leap from small screen back to stage official with Parade, opening in Los Angeles this week.

September 30 2009 6:35 PM ET Editors

With AIDS funding slashed throughout the state of California, AIDS Walk Los Angeles is particularly important this year. Tom Whitman asks the million-dollar question: Will you walk?

September 29 2009 6:45 PM ET

Gays Take East Texas Highway By Storm

Duane Wells

A stretch of highway sponsored by the "Tyler Area Gays" might not seem too shocking. But in conservative East Texas -- where gays are often thought not to exist -- this simple sign stands to make a world of difference.