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October 06 2003 11:00 PM ET

Color Purple musical set to hit Broadway in early 2005 Editors

October 06 2003 11:00 PM ET

Gay Day goes to France Editors

October 03 2003 11:00 PM ET

It's All Relative wins time slot in debut outing Editors

October 02 2003 11:00 PM ET

Rosie O'Donnell to be honored by Trevor Project Editors

October 02 2003 11:00 PM ET

Vachon speaks out against MPAA's screener ban Editors

October 01 2003 11:00 PM ET

Gay actor returns to South Korean TV Editors

October 01 2003 11:00 PM ET

Elton John furniture auction pulls in $2.3 million Editors

September 30 2003 11:00 PM ET

Buffy and "pansy" make waves with British censors Editors

September 29 2003 11:00 PM ET

GLAAD to honor Bravo, Time, Ford, and Daily Variety Editors

September 26 2003 11:00 PM ET

Much more Queer Eye, but first, about those salaries... Editors

September 25 2003 11:00 PM ET

Queer Eye guys Ted Allen and Thom Filicia land agents Editors