Prop. 8 Ruling: The Reactions



Church of Latter-day Saints:
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regrets today's
decision. California voters have twice been given the opportunity to
vote on the definition of marriage in their state and both times have
determined that marriage should be recognized as only between a man and a
woman. We agree. Marriage between a man and woman is the bedrock of
society. We recognize that this decision represents only the opening of a
vigorous debate in the courts over the rights of the people to define
and protect this most fundamental institution — marriage. There is no
doubt that today's ruling will add to the marriage debate in this
country and we urge people on all sides of this issue to act in a spirit
of mutual respect and civility toward those with a different opinion." 

Antigay group Concerned Women for America: "Today Judge Vaughn Walker has chosen to side with political activism over the will of the people. His ruling is slap in the face to the more than seven million Californians who voted to uphold the definition of marriage as it has been understood for millennia. While Judge Walker’s decision is disappointing it is not the end of this battle. Far from it. The broad coalition of support for Proposition 8 remains strong, and we will support the appeal by, the official proponent of Proposition 8. We are confident that Judge Walker’s decision will ultimately be reversed. No combination of judicial gymnastics can negate the basic truth that marriage unites the complementary physical and emotional characteristics of a man and a woman to create a oneness that forms the basis for the family unit allowing a child to be raised by his or her father and mother. Any other combination is a counterfeit that fails to provide the best environment for healthy child rearing and a secure foundation for the family. It is this foundation upon which society is — and must be — built for a healthy and sustained existence."

Ellen DeGeneres: "This just in: Equality won!"

Director of the American Civil Liberties Union Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Project James Esseks:
"Today's decision is a huge victory for the LGBT people of America. For
the first time, a federal court has conducted a trial and found that
there is absolutely no reason to deny same-sex couples the fairness and
dignity of marriage. At the same time, we know that this is not the end.
In order to give this case the best possible chance of success as it
moves through the appeals courts, we need to show that America is ready
for same-sex couples to marry by continuing to seek marriage and other
relationship protections in states across the country. It's simply not
fair, and not legal, to continue to exclude committed same-sex couples
from marriage."

The antigay Family Research Council: "This lawsuit, should it be upheld on appeal and in the Supreme Court, would become the 'Roe v. Wade' of same-sex 'marriage,' overturning the marriage laws of 45 states. As with abortion, the Supreme Court's involvement would only make the issue more volatile. It's time for the far Left to stop insisting that judges redefine our most fundamental social institution and using liberal courts to obtain a political goal they cannot obtain at the ballot box. Marriage is recognized as a public institution, rather than a purely private one, because of its role in bringing together men and women for the reproduction of the human race and keeping them together to raise the children produced by their union. The fact that homosexuals prefer not to enter into marriages as historically defined does not give them a right to change the definition of what a 'marriage' is. Marriage as the union between one man and one woman has been the universally-recognized understanding of marriage not only since America's founding but for millennia. To hold that the Founders created a constitutional right that none of them could even have conceived of is, quite simply, wrong. FRC has always fought to protect marriage in America and will continue to do so by working with our allies to appeal this dangerous decision. Even if this decision is upheld by the ninth circuit court of appeals — the most liberal appeals court in America — Family Research Council is confident that we can help win this case before the U.S. Supreme Court." 

Kathy Griffin:
"I am, of course, thrilled and heartened by Judge Walker's ruling. My
thoughts and best wishes are with the brave plaintiffs — Kris Perry,
Sandy Stier, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo — on this emotional day. I
also applaud the remarkable work of lead attorneys Ted Olson and David
Boies; two men who, 10 years after facing off in Bush v. Gore, have
teamed up to fight the good fight on behalf of loving California
families. As we all know, the antigay movement is certain to appeal this
landmark case to the ninth circuit U.S. court of appeals in San Francisco
and, ultimately, to the United States Supreme Court in Washington. So,
while today's decision is a key victory in the fight for marriage
equality, we still have a long way to go before my mother, Maggie, can
break out her box of wine in celebration. I urge my friends and fans to
stay strong, be vocal and take strength in the knowledge that we will be
on the right side of history."

Paris Hilton: "What a huge historical day for equal rights in this country! They finally overturned Prop. 8! There shouldn't be a law on true love."

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lexbians and Gays executive director Jody Huckaby: "Today is, in no uncertain terms, historic. With this monumental ruling, all families win and at last have the security of knowing that all of our loved ones — both straight and gay — have the same freedom to marry. Today's ruling sent the message that equality means equality for all."

San Diego LGBT Community Center CEO Delores Jacobs: "This is a
great day for every American who believes that the U.S. Constitution
guarantees us all equal treatment and due process. The decision reminds
us all that in America there are laws, principles, and freedoms that are
fundamental; the people cannot simply decide to discriminate against a
group they may not like. Today’s decision affirms that the fundamental
rights of a minority cannot be stripped away by a popular vote of the
majority, and that it is fundamentally unconstitutional to have one set
of laws for some, and another set for the rest of us."

Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center CEO Lorri Jean: "Walker’s ruling
striking down Prop. 8 is clearly a milestone victory for all gay,
lesbian, and bisexual Californians, our families and our friends. But
much more than that, it is a resounding affirmation of fundamental
American ideals and core principles of the U.S. Constitution."

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