Iowa Gov. on Judicial Oustings: No Comment



Iowa governor-elect Terry Branstad said he's "got enough on [his] plate"
to worry about and won't opine on three state legislators' efforts to impeach the four remaining Iowa supreme court justices who ruled last year in favor of marriage equality.

The incoming Republican governor has called on the state legislature to begin the process for a popular vote on a constitutional  amendment banning gay marriage, but declined comment as to whether the four justices should be removed through impeachment, Radio Iowa reports. “The governor doesn’t have a role in that,” Branstad said.

Groups including the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, and the American Family Association launched a successful $1 million campaign against three of the state's justices who were up for retention votes in November. Justices Marsha Ternus, Michael J. Streit, and David L. Baker were all voted off the bench. 

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