Scotland Rallies to Side of Bisexual Malawian Woman Facing Deportation

Angeline Pirira Mwafulirwa says her daughters could be subjected to genital mutilation in Malawi.



A bisexual Malawian mother is fighting to stay in Scotland with her three children over fears that her family would be subjected to homophobia and genital mutilation in Africa.

Angeline Pirira Mwafulirwa could be deported back to Malawi, where homosexuality is currently illegal. Mwafulirwa arrived in Scotland with her husband in 2006, but left him for a woman once in the United Kingdom. Now, she fears she could be sent back to Malawi and face the ire of her ex-husband and his family. Mwafulirwa also believes her two daughters could be subjected to female genital mutilation, and be married off by 14.

Mwafulirwa is being supported by asylum advocates in Scotland — she recently had a meeting with Scottish officials, who are reviewing her case. Mwafulirwa's story is similar to that of another LGBT Malawi woman, Florence Mhango. That woman was not granted asylum and her whereabouts are not known. Read more here.

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