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Cuadra to Serve Life in

Cuadra to Serve Life in

Harlow Cuadra (upper
left and far right), who was convicted last week for the 2007
murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis (lower left), was
sentenced on Monday to life in prison without parole.

The jury of eight men
and four women decided on the sentence unanimously, according

The Citizen's Voice.

Jurors deliberated over arson and robbery charges, additional
factors that could have heightened his sentencing.

Prosecutors made it
known that they were pursuing the death penalty for Cuadra. His
former lover and coconspirator Joseph Kerekes (upper
center) is currently serving a life sentence after
pleading guilty to participating in
the killing of Cobra Video owner Bryan Kocis in his
Dallas Township, Pa., home in January 2007.

Kocis was stabbed 28
times before his house was set on fire, burning his
body beyond recognition, according to his father's

In the closing days of
the trial last week, tension filled the courtroom as Kerekes
took the stand but refused to testify on Cuadra's behalf,
leaving quickly, not looking at Cuadra.

Cuadra said in court
that he met Kerekes online while he was still enlisted in the
Navy. They later met in person in a mall in Norfolk, Va. Cuadra
was discharged in 2002, and he said that Kerekes introduced him
to prostitution as an occupation and eventually to producing

Prosecutors said that
Cuadra killed rival producer Kocis to cut competition. Cuadra
and Kerekes wanted to make a "million-dollar" film
with porn star Brent Corrigan (lower center). Corrigan had
performed in a number of titles for Cobra Video before he
turned 18 and, until early last year, was entangled in a
litigious feud with Cobra over the use of his stage name.

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