Wanda Sykes to Right Wing: No One Will Force You to Attend a Gay Wedding



Wanda Sykes
Wanda Sykes

Out comedian and actress Wanda Sykes says the right wing has the wrong idea about gay people who want to get married.

During an interview this week with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, Sykes assured the right wing that they won't be forced to attend a gay wedding.

"It's not going to be mandatory," she mocked. "It seems like gay people are crazy and we go around and canvass the whole neighborhood: 'Come to my big gay wedding, come on, it's mandatory.'"

And even if attending same-sex weddings is optional, she the right wing shouldn't be so worried about getting invited.

"If you don't agree with it, then chances are you don't know anyone who is gay or are close to someone who is gay," she said, "so that even increases your chances of never being invited to a same-sex wedding."

Sykes is promoting her LGBT-focused election special to air on Logo Monday at 10 p.m.  

Watch video of the complete interview below.

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