Trans Violinist Tona Brown Is Crowdfunding Her Carnegie Hall Dream

If successful, the 34-year-old musician will make Carnegie history as the first African-American violinist in venue history.



Transgender violinist and vocalist Tona Brown is on a mission to become the first African-American violinist to perform at New York City's legendary Carnegie Hall. To make her dream come true, however, she'll need to raise $3,500 to fund the performance.

With the support of GLAAD, Brown has taken to popular crowdfunding site IndieGogo in hopes of raising enough money to fund what will be the first ever LGBT Pride event at Carnegie Hall.

An accomplished performer, Brown founded Aida Strings in 2005 as a way to help boost the profile of African-American and LGBT artists, who are often underrepresented in the conservative world of classical music. Brown has taken it upon herself to remedy this situation and provide fellow African-American and LGBT musicians with a true platform.

Donations can be made at Brown's IndieGogo campaign page through May 25.