Top 5 Gay Halloween Destinations

Halloween hurtles onto the horizon once more, another fabulous opportunity to capsize conformity. This deliciously decadent holiday has a reputation for uninhibited mayhem and wild, sensual fun. It's an invigorating opportunity to escape daily drudgery, whether you want to be yourself or someone else.



Halloween revelry
offers deliciously liberated holiday opportunities, but
getting the right Halloween address, close to events, is
vital -- unless you want to scurry through
insalubrious streets bedecked in your boa. The best
accommodations (and costumes) book up early, so plan ahead
in creating your itinerary and organizing your outfit.
Get dressed or undressed and join the garish and the
gorgeous in these hot Halloween cities.

34th Halloween Parade
New York City Oct. 31, 2007; 7-9

KNOW: New York
City's carnival started as a gay event with 150 people.
The Halloween Parade is now the world's largest Halloween
event, attracting nearly 2 million people.

WHERE: The parade
careers up Sixth Avenue from Spring to 22nd streets,
through Chelsea from the Village. Masks, headdresses, wigs
and wings flood gay bars in Chelsea, the Village, West
Fourth and Sixth.

DRESS: Anyone in
costume is welcome to join in as seething seas of
cross-dressers sway through the streets. It might all be
good fun, but this is New York and it's competitive.
Undercover agents award prizes for the best costumes,
which are often pieces of performance art.

best place to congregate is around Christopher Street and
Seventh Avenue or in Washington Square Park near NYU.

PSST: It's a
great time to flirt with cute straight boys from Long Island
and Jersey who let their hair down and have no idea you are
cruising them.

West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival
Los Angeles Oct. 31, 2007; 6
p.m.; 310-289-2525

KNOW: Twenty-five
years ago, WeHo boys spilled out of bars, blocking
Santa Monica Boulevard and stopping traffic in a spontaneous
gathering of drag, costumes and bare bodies. It's
evolved from one gay evening to an event swarming with
people who come hundreds of miles from all around
Southern California. Creative costumes used to outnumber
spectators; now there are more people not in costume.
Santa Monica Boulevard closes at 3 p.m. and vendors,
radio stations, DJs, performers and hundreds of
thousands of onlookers descend.

WHERE: The heart
of West Hollywood; Santa Monica Boulevard between
Sweetzer and Doheny; Robertson Boulevard between Santa
Monica and Melrose Avenue and in many bars and
restaurants along the way. Gay bars are packed;
dancing and partying goes on until the early hours.

Angeles' galaxy of entertainment-industry egos makes WeHo's
Halloween super-competitive, often courtesy of real studio
costumes. Picture 25 red, white and blue debutantes or
a phalanx of gladiators plunging down Santa Monica
Boulevard. Tacky, clever and the more over-the-top the
better is the L.A. mantra. Mardi Gras-type garb, drag,
military and minimal all star.

Bar, the Abbey, Rage, Ultra Suede, and Factory throb with
life. More costumes shimmer in the clubs than on the
streets. The crowd tends to be gayer at Here and the
Abbey later in the evening.

PSST: To get the
most out of the party, you need to dress up. Walk the
boulevard, popping in and out of bars along the way (beware
the prohibitive club cover charges). Allow extra time
to make your way along the boulevard -- depending how
good you look, it can take up to an hour per block,
with suburbanites stopping you every five feet for photos.

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