The lower half of the buildings contain fireplace rooms (fueled by gas) with ample patios for entertaining. If you want to BBQ, staffers will bring a grill to your patio and show you how to use it. The buildings themselves are situated around common areas featuring, alternately, picnic tables and fireplaces surrounded by outdoor couches where you can hang out or eat with your friends.

The best part about this location and Ace's other hotels, besides the reasonably priced rooms, is the remarkably inexpensive food. Taking inspiration from Ace’s Pacific Northwest roots, rich bowls of Irish porridge will fill you up for $4, and for dinner, a pork porterhouse is topped off with an apple cider glaze.

Two pools, one open to the public and one reserved just for guests, round out the property -- the fresh concrete features scratched-in slogans like "We Are All One." The general pool can be a bit of a scene. I had to leave after sorority girls in impeccable makeup started smoking next to me. It was at the guest pool that I found the beautiful hipsters this hotel made me want to pretend to be. The L Word's Leisha Hailey lounged with her partner, Nina Garduno, owner of Free City Supershop, whose designs are screened onto some of the hotel's comforters. The guests-only pool is adjacent to a recreation center with a Ping-Pong table and a stage where hotel management plans to have live music events and movie nights.

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