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Teen Wolf Cast Weighs In on LGBT Inclusion

Teen Wolf Cast Weighs In on LGBT Inclusion


Teen Wolf cast members Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, and more weigh in on the LGBT characters who run with the wolf pack.

Teenwolflgbtmain633_0In the world of Teen Wolf, homophobia is nonexistent. Among the characters on the show, differences in sexuality are accepted with the same ease as differences in eye color. This gained the show a loyal pack of LGBT fans who have followed the adventures of Beacon Hills High School's supernatural students over the past four seasons.

We recently sat down with several members of the show's cast and asked them to weigh in on Teen Wolf's inclusion of LGBT characters and the positive impact the show's homophobia-free world is having on young viewers.

ScotttwTyler Posey (Scott McCall)
On the fan reaction to Teen Wolf's inclusion of LGBT characters:

We do it in such a natural way. It's not forced or over-the-top or anything like that. I think it's perfect and natural, and I think the kids that watch the show really do respect the way we include gay characters. That's why Charlie (Carver) and Keahu (Kahuanui) -- the characters they play are so popular. We love it and we're happy to be able to show kids that it's OK to be who you are.

DerektwTyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale)
On Teen Wolf's inclusion of LGBT characters:

I love that it's a freedom that we've had with MTV, and (executive producer) Jeff (Davis) has done a great job of keeping that a central part of the show. It's an important thing that the demographic that's watching the show is being introduced to that and is able to see it. I think it's a fantastic thing that we've been able to integrate into the show.

MrargenttwJ.R. Bourne (Chris Argent)
On Teen Wolf's portrayal of a world where homophobia is nonexistent:
For so long there weren't any movies, TV shows, books, or comics for gay people to be able to go to and see themselves [reflected]. So to have the inclusion of gay characters be so nonchalant on Teen Wolf, it's a complete pleasure to be a part of it, and I hope that it becomes a blueprint for more shows in the future.

LydiaHolland Roden (Lydia Matin)
On the importance of LGBT visibility on Teen Wolf:

I live under a rock in some ways, because I live in West Hollywood and I work on Teen Wolf. So, it almost seems strange for me talk about ... LGBT issues and a lack of visibility because I'm in a space now where LGBT people aren't invisible. But we need to remember it's not like that everywhere, and a big part of the issue is a lack of visibility in some parts of the world. So I'm grateful for the visibility Teen Wolf offers.

Stilestw_0Dylan O'Brien(Stiles Stilinski)
On the fan reaction to Teen Wolf's portrayal of a world where homophobia is nonexistent:
It should be represented this way, and it makes me happy to be a part of a show that represents so well. To even think that some shows don't or just don't promote it as being a part of their show or don't have time for it blows my mind. I've come to be very grateful for the fact that our show does, and it sets a good example. It's important for [LGBT kids] to know it's all good.

ShellytwShelley Hennig(Malia Tate)
On Teen Wolf depicting heterosexual and same-sex romance in the same light:
I like that we don't make a big deal about it. It's just a part of the show, and I think that's how [the entire cast] looks at same-sex couples in life, because it's normal to us.

Liamtw_0Dylan Sprayberry (Liam Dunbar)
On the addition of his character's gay best friend, Mason Dye, played by Khylin Rambo:

I think it's great that our show has a lot of diversity. It's awesome that we have new characters like Khylin's representing the LGBT community, and it's great that our show is not scared to represent anyone from [any background].

PeterIan Bohen (Peter Hale)
On being a part of a show that furthers visibility for LGBT youth:
I am honored to be on a show like Teen Wolf that presents an inclusive world for young gay and lesbian people. LGBT equality is one of the biggest causes I support, and the thought of bullying someone because of who they are, who they love, or because they're not sure is horrifying to me. So if we can bring some visibility to young gay people, I'm beyond thrilled and I'm happy to stand with [LGBT people]. I know them. I work with them. They are my best friends and they deserve the same equal treatment as every other human being. If we can highlight that on TV, then all the better. Equality is coming and it can't be stopped.

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