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EXCLUSIVE: U.K. Documentary Patchwork Puts Spotlight on Trans Love

EXCLUSIVE: U.K. Documentary Patchwork Puts Spotlight on Trans Love


In this exclusive clip from the upcoming trans-focused British documentary series Patchwork, lovebirds Darcy and Rosa talk about 13 years of partnered bliss through and beyond gender transition.


Fox Fisher, a British trans filmmaker, is reveling in his moment: His co-owned production company Lucky Tooth Films, shared with fellow trans filmmaker Lewis Hancox, is not only poised to release its first documentary series Patchwork across the U.K. -- but the pair have accomplished it on their terms.

"There is something very special happening at the moment for trans awareness and empowerment," Fisher said in a press release. "We no longer need to be apologetic. It's so exciting being a part of this wave of change."

Fisher and Hancox rose to national recognition as subjects in the Channel 4 documentary series My Transsexual Summer, which ignited an unprecedented conversation about trans lives across the U.K. The pair bonded over an experience Hancox describes as both "surreal" and "positive," and soon afterwards began looking for ways to move behind the camera. They formed Lucky Tooth Films in 2013 to provide platforms for other trans folks to tell their stories, developing a series of short films that they describe as depicting "models, soldiers, artists, musicians, activists, and psychics [who] all just happen to be trans."

Fisher and Hancox found a collaborator in All About Trans, a project run by U.K. nonprofit On Road Media, which works to help improve the British media's understanding and portrayal of minority groups. In collaboration with the pair's ongoing gender-documenting project, My Genderation, Patchwork is a series of 25 short films that feature members of the U.K.'s gender-variant communities talking about their lives, work, and passions.

The U.K.'s Channel 4 will broadcast a selection of the films later this year. But you can get a sneak peek at one of the films in the series, featuring Darcy, a trans man, and his high school sweetheart Rosa, a cisgender (non-trans) woman, posted below exclusively at The Advocate.

Living in Brighton, the couple talk about their mutual love for each other over the past 13 years, their shared joy over cooking and nutrition, and the positive effect Rosa's support has had in Darcy's life as he's transitioned to male and lost touch with his family throughout his gender transition.

Watch the exclusive premiere of this adorable couple's story below, and check out more from the project here.

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