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Queer Con: The Gayest Things to Do at San Diego’s 2015 Comic-Con

This year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego is shaping up to be the queerest yet, with fabulous LGBT programming on all four days of the pop culture convention and plenty to do outside of the meeting rooms.

Here are the top five LGBT things to do:

Wuvable Oafx633 0
1. Visit the Prism Comics booth. Prism is the nonprofit organization for LGBT comic and graphic artists. Not only does its booth (#2144) offer queer books, comics, and T-shirts, but it’s one of the best places to find LGBT creators. Some of those scheduled to appear and sign their work include:

• Ed Luce: Wuvable Oaf (Oaf, pictured above)
• Alex Woolfson: Artifice
P. Kristen Enos: Web of Lives
• M.A. Fortino and Joshua Miller: The Finals Girls
• Joseph Glass: The Pride Comics Series
Jeff Krell: Jayson Comics
• David Reddish: Sergius & Bacchus
• Peter Saenz: Coven of Wolves Book Series


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