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Modern Family's Reid Ewing Confirms on Twitter He Is Gay

Modern Family's Reid Ewing Confirms on Twitter He Is Gay


The young actor used the internet to identify his sexuality.

Modern Family actor Reid Ewing came out as gay on Saturday, and like a true millennial, he used the power of social media to help him do so.

Ewing -- a long time advocate for those suffering with body dysmorphia -- was praising a recent Good Morning America story that shed light on the mental illness that involves obsessing over a perceived physical flaw when, as one Twitter user pointed out, he appeared to inadvertently out himself.

How did Ewing respond?

"I was never in," he tweeted.

The revelation of Ewing's sexuality comes on the heels of an essay he published for the Huffington Post's Healthy Living section last week, detailing the struggles he has gone through while battling body dysmorphia himself, and all of the botched cosmetic surgeries he has undergone as a result.

"None of the doctors suggested I consult a psychologist for what was clearly a psychological issue rather than a cosmetic one or warn me about the potential for addiction," Ewing recalled.

"The secrecy that surrounds cosmetic surgery keeps the unethical work practiced by many of these doctors from ever coming to light," he continued. "I think people often choose cosmetic surgery in order to be accepted, but it usually leaves them feeling even more like an outsider. We don't hear enough stories about cosmetic surgery from this perspective."

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