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15 Gay Romances of the Renaissance Era


14. Francisco Correa Netto and Manuel Viegas

A certain subculture existed around Portugal in the days preceding the Inquisition, and letters from Francisco Correa Netto, a sacristan of the Cathedral of Silves, to Manuel Viegas, a Portuguese musician, testify to the relationship between these two men. Some of the letters from Correa read downright vulgar (“If men sleep with me, it is not to find a pussy. They place the cock between my legs, and there they have their way”) while others show a more tender longing (“My love and bounty: my feelings cannot rest an hour, either by day or night, without bringing to mind your companionship and your sweet words that are continually reflected in my memory”). But according to historian Rictor Norton, the letters also delivered harm to Correa when the relationship went sour. While Correa would destroy Viegas’s letters to him after reading them, Viegas would betray Correa to the Vicar of Silves. Correa never was put on trial, but that’s cold.


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