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Artist Spotlight: Paul Freeman

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International award-winning photographer Paul Freeman grew up in Tasmania and moved to Sydney after graduating from university.

Paul's nude portraits of sports stars and actors began appearing in the mid-'90s  in Studio Magazines' international publications Black and White, Sport, and Blue.

In 1996 he wrote a best-selling biography of Australian footballer Ian Roberts, Ian Roberts: Finding Out, published by Random House in 1997.

In 2000, Paul's photography was featured in New York Times art critic Robert Hughes's documentary about Australia, Beyond the Fatal Shore.

His work with Olympians is featured in the books The Sydney Dream (2000), The Athens Dream (2004), and Sportbook (2003), published by Studio.

Paul's first monograph, Bondi Classic, was published to critical acclaim in 2003, and a best-selling series of books followed, including Bondi Urban (2005), Bondi Work (2006), and Bondi Road (2007). (The first and second editions for these titles are now sold out, and Paul is working on revised editions which will appear in the next year to commemorate his 10th year of publishing his monographs.)

Equally successful has been Paul's more recent Outback series, Outback ( 2008), Outback Currawong Creek (2009), Outback Brumby (2010), and Outback Bushmen (2012). (The first edition of Outback Currawong Creek is sold out, and a new edition will be printed in the next year.)

The first Heroics was released in 2011. Heroics 2 was released in July of this year.

For more information, interviews, and Paul's blog, go to

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